Electronic Reporting System (ERS)

Along with the Trackwell VMS we offer an optional Electronic Reporting System (ERS) which handles Electronic Logbook and catch and effort reports from local vessels and foreign vessels via their flag state. The ERS module is fully integrated into the VMS environment.

With the Trackwell ERS system users can record, report, process, store and send the fisheries data (catch, landing, sales and transhipment) to the authorities. All the data is stored in the system´s database.

Trackwell ERS handles all types of reports from electronic logbooks (COE, CAT/DCA, COX, TRA, POR, DEP, CON, etc.) and supports the currently most or all communications methods in use.

By integrating the VMS and ERS systems users can compare ERS data with VMS data in order to find potential misreporting. The user can view received ERS reports collocated with the VMS reports stream, comparing vessel location at the time of reporting with respect to EEZ maps and fishing zones. Trackwell ERS also offers a Messaging view that displays information related to fisheries related reports. This includes listing and searching incoming and outgoing messages and editing new messages.

The ERS users interface applications is thoroughly designed to be intuitive and easy to use.