Trackwell took part in the fourth network meeting for project “Social Science Aspects of Fisheries for the 21st Century” (SAF21). The meeting took place October 24-26 at CETMAR headquarters in Vigo, Spain. Once again, Trackwell participated as one of the partner organisations that provides its expertise and experience in fisheries to evaluate the PhD dissertations.

The SAF21 PhD researchers

The SAF21 PhD researchers

The SAF21 programme is part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions for Excellence in Science, funded under the Horizon 2020. SAF21 purposefully departs from conventional PhD training programmes, as it allows ten PhD researchers the opportunity to combine formal and informal training across a varied range of skills while working on their theses. All the researchers work on their doctorate in the field of fisheries using the latest research tools, such as simulation and participatory approaches, with an aim to inject social intelligence into the EU fisheries management systems.

At the network meeting, the researchers held presentations about the status of their research and were given feedback. Trackwell then participated in the supervisory board meeting with other members of the external advisory panel. Following the two-day meeting, the attendees took part in a workshop that focused on the links between management and governance, human and social dynamics, in addition to the participatory process in fisheries management.

Trackwell is highly anticipating the theses’ results on the various social issues facing the fisheries. The unorthodox approach of the programme, and the emphasis on transferable skills and exposure to commercial secondments, should translate to very interesting outcomes that could benefit decision makers, the fishing industry and the environment alike.

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