Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

Trackwell VMS is used by Fisheries Authorities for Extended Economy Zone management – Surveillance, Fisheries Control and Search and Rescue. The system provides users with the tools to monitors vessel movements and use the positional data received from the system to analyse the vessels’ behaviour, for both law enforcement and resource management purposes. In almost all cases, Trackwell provides the entire VMS software, technical maintenance and user-level support.

Trackwell VMS has proven itself a vital component for authorities combating IUU fishing (illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing) and the system is fully compliant with international fisheries regulations and facilitates exchange of information between authorities, neighbouring countries and regional fisheries management offices.

Our VMS is used by fisheries authorities, coastguards and navies for surveillance, search and rescue, resource management and fisheries control and currently manages the data of thousands of vessels every day all around the world.


Map Interface

Vessel locations are presented on a state of the art map application, supporting navigational maps on most standard formats. Among many features are; easy to use vessel filtering, creation and handling of user defined maps, geo-fence editor, history trails and replay features for detailed analysis of vessel behaviour.

Data Exchange

The system is fully compatible with protocols and message formats required by the EU, the regional fisheries offices (e.g. NEAFC, NAFO, SEAFO, ICCAT and more) and in bilateral agreements commonly made between countries.


The Trackwell vessel monitoring system supports integration and compatibility with the FLUX (Fisheries Language for Universal Exchange) system to assist and support the distribution of fisheries-related data to e.g. regional fisheries management organisations (RFMO).

    Safety at Sea

    Trackwell VMS monitors and alarms exit from / entry into harbours and issues a warning if vessel stops reporting outside of harbour zone

    Consultancy Services

    Trackwell has in many instances provided consultancy services and customized solutions for customers


    The system can be set up to accommodate any size of fleet, ranging up to thousands of vessels. There is no limit on the number of users.



    • Tracking of local and foreign vessels within any specified area
    • Advanced Alert mechanism
    • Monitoring of areas and automatic detection (entry/exit from harbour, protected areas, EEZ, filtered by speed, time, vessel groups, areas, nationality, etc.)
    • Review and analyses of history data
    • Exchange of data with other VMSs
    • Monitoring of various device events (tampering signals, etc.).
    • Integrated vessel registry
    • Monitoring site presenting and managing all vessel alerts
    • Variety of reports
    • User management and access control
    • Handling of ERS / Logbook reports (optional module).
    • Checking of fishing license and official certificate of seaworthiness (optional)
    • Connections with external systems via API (optional).
    • Secure connections to users via HTTPS or VPN
    • Thoroughly designed and easy to use user interface applications


    Trackwell prides itself of not being depended of any one type of MTU (on-board devices) and it is a standard well-known procedure for Trackwell to add support for new types of transponder models and/or service provider’s gateways. 

    • Pelagic;

    • CLS;

    • Skymate;

    • Linc (MetOcean);

    • RomComm;

    • Sasco;

    • ExactEarth;

    • Skytrac;

    • Smart One;

    • Nautic;

    • Pivotel;

    • Rock Seven;

    • SRT;

    • Vesselink;

    • Succorfish;

    • AddValue;

    • PtSog;

    • Zunibal;

    • Argos;

    • Faria Watchdog;

    • Pole Star (multiple unit types: Inmarsat, Skywave, …);

    • Skywave / Orbcomm;
    • Satlink;

    • FLUX VMS;

    • Loqus;

    • DataByte;

    • AIS (EMSA, NOR, ISL);

    • Acars;

    • BlueTracker;

    • Frequentis DSC;

    • Globalstar;

    • Xaxero Iridium;